Förderverein F.O.T.T. e.V. (S.I.G.)


Our registered association is an union of people who want to work with the F.O.T.T.® concept, develop and spread it.
The group is multi-professional, international and sees itself as a 'Special Interest Group'.

The attendance of an F.O.T.T.® Ground Course is a prerequisite for membership.

Members hold two meetings per year in various places in Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. One of them is the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
At the AGM there is an open meeting with specialist content, where non-members are welcome.

In addition to the association's meetings, the Förderverein F.O.T.T. e.V. organizes symposiums together with FOrmaTT GmbH. These events consist of scientific and therapeutic lectures/case presentations focusing on the key topics of F.O.T.T.®.
Workshops offer the opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange and learning.



Portrait Stephanie Pezin 

Stephanie Penzin

Occupational therapist

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