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05 May 2023 | Claudia Gratz

Practical tip for eyelid closure

The problem of insufficient eyelid closure in peripheral facial palsy.
An assistive device for a longer eyelid closure.

06 Apr 2023 | Daniela Jakobsen

Dysphagia (re-)defined

Dysphagia means swallowing disorder. Is it really that simple?
Two new definitions of dysphagia.

01 Mar 2023 | Sabrina Beer

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Communication in neurological diseases.
3rd Symposium on Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

01 Feb 2023 | Daniela Jakobsen

Start of the project year 2023

Measurement of swallow-specific parameters in patients with a tracheal tube.
Criteria for weaning from the tracheal tube.



01 Feb 2023 | Board

Website redesign