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08 Mar 2024 | Ricki Nusser-Müller-Busch, MSc

5th German edition of the textbook on F.O.T.T.

The reference book 'F.O.T.T. – Die Therapie des Facio-Oralen Trakts nach Kay Coombes' has been published in a fundamentally revised new edition.

08 Dec 2023 | Board

Swiss Quality Circle Facial Palsy

A group of speech therapists and physiotherapists with many years of experience in the treatment of peripheral facial nerve palsy.

02 Nov 2023 | Gudrun Jansen

Survey Eating and Drinking Ability

Based on EDACS (Eating and Drinking Ability Classification System), a survey was conducted at the August-Hermann-Werner School.

18 Aug 2023 | Ricki Nusser-Müller-Busch, MSc

S2e Guideline for PICS

PICS is a common consequence of a stay in the intensive care unit.
Recommendations and therapeutic options for prevention or treatment.



14 Jul 2023 | Stephanie Penzin

News second half-year


Outlook for the next meeting in November in Neresheim.
Courses and assistive devices of FOrmaTT GmbH.


05 May 2023 | Claudia Gratz

Practical tip for eyelid closure


The problem of insufficient eyelid closure in peripheral facial palsy.
An assistive device for a longer eyelid closure.


07 Apr 2023 | Daniela Jakobsen

Dysphagia (re-)defined


Dysphagia means swallowing disorder. Is it really that simple?
Two new definitions of dysphagia.


03 Mar 2023 | Sabrina Beer

Augmentative and Alternative Communication


Communication in neurological diseases.
3rd Symposium on Augmentative and Alternative Communication.


01 Feb 2023 | Daniela Jakobsen

Start of the project year 2023


Measurement of swallow-specific parameters in patients with a tracheal tube.
Criteria for weaning from the tracheal tube.


01 Feb 2023 | Board

Website redesign


Our website has been revised in terms of content and design.
Please send feedback and suggestions to the webmaster.

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