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Swiss Quality Circle for Peripheral Facial Palsy

The Swiss Quality Circle for Peripheral Facial Palsy has been in existence since 2016.
It consists of a constant group of speech therapists and physiotherapists, all of whom have the relevant training and many years of experience in the treatment of peripheral facial nerve palsy.

The aim of the quality circle is the professional development of treatment options, the collegial exchange including case discussions, the organization of specialist conferences and the continuous expansion of the german website with advices for patients and specialists, including the development of corresponding brochures (e.g. regarding eye protection or initial treatment of facial palsy) which are published on the website.
The website also contains the addresses of therapists in Switzerland who provide treatment, without guarantee.

Brochures for patients and specialists


With the help of the Quality Circle, a self-help group for those affected was set up in the Zurich area in 2022. An online group is currently being set up.

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