06 Sep 2023 | Ricki Nusser-Müller-Busch, MSc

Publication of S2e Guideline for Multimodal Neurorehabilitation Concepts for 'Post-Intensive Care Syndrome'


The aim of the AWMF S2e guideline is to develop a multidisciplinary and -professional guideline for the rehabilitation of PICS.

ICU survivors often suffer from various impairments in their physical, cognitive, and mental health conditions called post-intensive care syndrome (PICS). PICS is a variable and complex syndrome that requires an individual and multidisciplinary treatment-approach.

A multi-professional working group of 15 health professionals has answered 10 scientific questions using a structured, evidence-based approach.

The evidence resulted in 12 recommendations, 4 treatment options and a statement about the prevention or treatment of PICS.
Recommendations: Early mobilization, motor training, and nutritional/dysphagia management should be put into practice.
Delirium prophylaxis focuses on behavioral interventions. Diaries in the intensive care unit can prevent psychological, mental health problems such as anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Early rehabilitation-interventions are required during the stay in the intensive care unit, acute and rehabilitative inpatient and outpatient care.